Life On Detour

College.  Dating.  Job.  Marriage.  Promotion.  Kids.  Career.  All equal the order of operations for life.  Our road map to success and a happy life.  Right?  At least that’s what we are told growing up.  I’ve always thought that my life would follow this exact path and honestly at times thought that something was wrong with me and my life for not following this path.  But who says that’s the case?  Why is that the order that things have to go in?  And why do people assume that if the order changes then it must mean you don’t want or can’t get one of the others?  The older I get, I’ve learned to be content with being me – even if that means taking a path that isn’t the most common.  Even if that means everyone will wonder why you have made the decisions that you’ve made.  It’s ok to be different (not saying you should be weird lol but just saying it’s ok to not take the path that everyone else takes) – as long as you are happy. 

Q:  Are you happy with who you are and who you’ve become?  Why is there so much pressure to follow a certain path in life?  Does it really matter the path one takes if they still end up in the same place in 20 years?


Author: MIH

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