Will It Happen For Me?

I’m in my early 40s and single and desire to be married. I’ve been through several disappointments, heartaches, and rejections. I still believe that there’s someone out there who wants to love me, but finding that person seems like looking for the “needle in a haystack”. How do I keep this from really getting to me without just giving up on the idea of ever being married?

Author: MIH

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  1. I, too, find myself with a desire to be married but discouraged when I look at the options… You’re right, sometimes it does feel like it will never happen and the odds of finding the one seem nearly impossible. When I feel like it’s “ONE OF THOSE DAYS” I own what I’m feeling at that moment, cry if necessary, dust myself off and THEN… I come back to reality. A reality that I’m Loved, I’m Blessed, and I’m exactly where God desires for me to be. Now, there was a time when I would take matters into my own hands but I discovered that getting ahead of God, only yields unnecessary trouble and confusion; (2) things that none of us can afford to have. We tend to forget that God is in total control and his timing is unmatched. So, I encourage you to thrive into your purpose, discover new things about yourself, and allow God to show you what true JOY looks like, so that you can ENJOY all that he has for you!

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