Christian Man: Yes or No?

So, years ago I spent time with a good friend of mine asking men if they were, “A Good Christian Man.”  Of course, almost every man that we asked said, “Yes.”  The thought that we were able to come across so many “Good Christian Men” should be a wonderful reality but let’s just say that we didn’t stop our line of questioning there.  The follow up question to every man that said yes was, “What is a Good Christian Man?”  This is when the answers got good!  Let’s just say that almost every man had the most interesting concept of what a good Christian man really was.  We received some the following responses: that going to church every once in a while, not cursing, not sleeping around (this doesn’t mean not having sex – it just meant not sleeping with any and every one), believing in God, and being good to people.  Each of these were all the characteristics outlined as necessary to be considered “A Good Christian Man.”  Now, I can’t deny that each of these qualities are a piece of the puzzle but I would in no way say that independently they categorize “A Good Christian Man.”  I think that my idea of “A Good Christian Man” is much more complex than some but I’m definitely working to broaden my expectations. What classifies a good Christian (man or woman) in your eyes?

Author: MIH

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  1. Hello,

    I Feel that being equally yoked is the best in relationships. Cupid sure does surprise us with his selections. However, my overall point is that, although we are free to love who we choose the religion of both parties should be the same to avoid inconsistent beliefs, practices and teachings in the household. Just my opinion.

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  2. A good Christian man or woman, loves God with their whole heart. They are nowhere near perfect, however they strive to live a good life in the eyes of God. They love freely. They spend consistent time with God via praying, reading the Bible, and meditating on the things that God places on their heart. They forgive. I think it will be evident if a man or woman is actively trying to live a Christian life by their actions. Not just the typical go to church every Sunday…saying cliche Christian phrases…but the day-to-day activities such as meditating on God’s word and trying to apply to their life. How someone treats others in general is a great indicator…
    To put it simply, what you put into your heart, mind, body, and soul will come out. Observe the actions and the truth will be evident.

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