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My fitness level used to be wonderful, but since Thanksgiving I haven’t done A THING!!! I know me and if I take off more than a week or two off, the day I come back is horrible!!!! I’m going to be like thousands and thousands of people and start working out again on January 1. The difference is I will not be in the gym. For anyone else that needs some ideas, here is my plan (as of now): Do each exercise for 30 seconds and then take a 10 second break before moving to the next:

First Round:
Jumping Jacks
Wall Squat

Second Round:
V Sit ups
High Knees

Third Round:
Butt Kickers
Air Jumps

Try to do all sets 3 times (I PLAN ON IT!) When it gets warm, I will get outside and walk/run. I know there are people that run in all weather, but as far as I am concerned YEAH RIGHT!!! What workouts do you do when you don’t feel like or have access to the gym?

Author: MIH

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