So my husband and I love to go out alone (when we can find a sitter), but seems like all we do is see a movie, go bowling, or go out to eat. PLEASE give me some other EXCITING ideas!!! Tired of being plain Jane and boring Joe.

Author: MIH

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  1. Greetings Plain Jane and Boring Joe,


    Here is an idea to spice up date nights. Both of you should write down on small pieces of paper things that you have been interested in trying ex. wine tasting, learning to shoot pool, swimming lessons, dance lessons (salsa), New Karma sutra positions and etc. (Whatever interest you) Do not look at your partners ideas/interests. Next fold the pieces of paper up and place them in a jar and on the beginning of the next date week one of you will of you will pull one folded piece of paper from the jar and what ever is pulled out the first time make the preparations for the activity. (This works best if one week the hubby pulls and the next week the Wife pulls from the jar.) Once the activity has been pulled do not replace it in the jar. Start a scrap book of the activities you have completed by taking photos on the date of what you are doing and place them in a scrapbook next to the folded piece of paper for fun. I hope this idea helps a bit.

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    • That is an excellent idea! I’m sure people will be trying that one (INCLUDING ME!!)

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      • I’ve got an idea for an exciting night. Send kid off to mom’s, pop open the karma sutra book, and grab the full can of ready whip out of the fridge… You’re welcome :-)

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