Should I Wait??

I had a great relationship with this guy in 2007 that lasted until early 2009 (got a promise ring and all)… When we broke up it wasn’t a bad one. It was more like a break because I graduated from college before him and my life changed (I moved and started working full time) and we weren’t able to see each other often enough. So mutually we decided to just be friends until we both figured it out. Needless to say, we both eventually moved on. Throughout the years we remained very good friends even though we both dated other people. He ended up having a baby in late 2012 by his ex at the time (which was the girl after me) we won’t discuss her sanity or lack thereof… Prior to they starting in 2011 up until just this Thanksgiving 2014, he randomly contacts me and tells me things like he made a mistake by being with her, he shouldn’t have had a child with her, I’m his soulmate, I’m the one, etc. He says that he knows if we start dating it would get serious fast… He knows the next step would be the ring, etc. However, he says he has to get his “mind right.” Like what does that even mean?! Because we have a good history and we’ve remained friends throughout the years (except when he got the girl pregnant, I didn’t speak to him then) his family still loves me and communicates with me and mine does the same with him…. I’m so confused. Why would he tell me things like this if he’s not ready to make moves? Why not keep it to himself until he’s “ready?” Should I give up hope and move on? I mean I’ve been dating anyway but, honestly I’ve always had hope for he and I. I’ve never stopped loving him.

Author: MIH

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