He won’t eat!

My son is two years old. He refuses to ever eat ANY vegetables. I’ve tried everything I can think of even down to mixing it with the rest of his food (he picks them out!!) Any suggestions?

Author: MIH

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  1. My son was like that at that age too. Now he loves them and usually asks for seconds. But in the mean time what I liked doing is making fruit smoothies and putting veggies in that. If you have strong fruit like strawberries they will not be able to taste the veggies. Another idea, which is something that I have done with a child that I am currently watching and works great, is do not put all their food on one plate. I use the kid bowls and I serve her veggies first and once that is done then she gets the main course and after that she gets the fruit or yogurt that I am serving that day. And don’t get me wrong there was a lot of hard times at first but after about a week of her not getting anything to eat at all until she ate those as well as some time outs and naps for lying about eating them when she actually threw the away she is now great about it. She will now eat a kid size bowl full of veggies. I did a mix of those things with my older son and again now he loves them. He ate almost a whole can of green beans the other day instead of the junk food that we have in the house. Just keep in mind that you cannot expect a crazy turn about over night. It is a learning process for them as well as you so just give it some time and make sure to be patient. And most importantly whatever way you decide to go about it you have to STICK WITH IT!!!! If you don’t even for one meal then that will make them think that they can get away with it and all your work will go down the drain. Good luck with everything and update us on how you decide to go about it and if it worked.

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  2. I love the idea of veggies first and then the main course. I have a juicer and keep telling myself I will start juicing, but I’m afraid if I make a juice I don’t like that I’ll be mad bc I could have just eaten the fruit and veggies (crazy I know). Those ideas are ones I most likely will try on my own picky daughter.

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