Crazy Co-Worker

I, like many of us, am not happy with my weight. I try to eat better and work out, but results seem to do it’s best to stay as far away from me as possible. Yes, I have a belly, and I don’t need anyone to make me even more aware of it. Well, today at work, someone asked me if I was pregnant! My youngest child just turned one last month! Feelings…meet dump. I felt so horrible about myself. A part of me wanted to just punch her in the face. The even crazier thing is that she is AT LEAST 3 times larger than me!!!! I reminded myself that I was a Christian and just laughed it off, but that wasn’t what I really wanted to do. Oh…and then she went on to say that I needed to stay away from the pies!! GGGRRRR!!!! What have some of your responses been when someone offended you? 

Author: MIH

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